Licence fees for playing recorded music in public - Fri 22 Jul 2011

This article from Voluntary Arts England, dated 21st July:

"Community sector leaders have written to PPL UK to denounce its decision to ignore the plight of over 30,000 community groups who say they cannot afford the introduction of new music licence fees.

In a letter sent on 2 June 2011 PPL UK, the recorded music licensing collector, said that it intended to charge a fee of one per cent of community groupsí income in order to have permission to play recorded music in public places, unless their income is under £10,000 a year, in which case they will pay a flat rate of £42. Similar charges will be applied by the Performing Rights Society.

The Community Sector Law Monitoring Group (CSLMG) expressed shock as until this letter they believed themselves to still be in a productive negotiation with PPL UK, in tandem with the PRS, over the terms of the introduction of compulsory licences for all community groups. As far as CSLMG and its member organisations were concerned, no deal had yet been struck between PPL and the sector.

CSLMG collectively denounce the decision and have vowed to carry on campaigning against the charges, seeking the introduction of an affordable capped or flat rate for all community organisations that want to play live or recorded music. The change in licensing will affect thousands of small community charitiesí activities such as tea dances for older people, youth clubs, childrenís music and movement groups, fundraisers and fetes and festivals. CSLMG has warned that these activities may have to be stopped when PPLK UK begins charging."

The NAC Officers will follow this debate with interest and bring you any developments as soon as we can.

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