Insurance Scheme

Jelf Insurance Brokers Ltd is the NAC's recommended insurance broker.

As a leading leading insurance broker, experienced in offering bespoke covers for associations, Jelf Insurance Brokers Ltd can meet your insurance needs with two comprehensive cover options.

A basic entry package includes essential aspects of cover - Public Liability up to £5,000,000, Employers' Liability for £10,000,000 and up to £1,000 cover for choir monies.

A second option extends protection to include choir property with a loss limit of £10,000 (no under-insurance or average clause operates) and personal accident cover for members (death and permanent disablement only) to the same level. In addition, higher limits and additional covers can be may be accommodated upon request.

Jelf Insurance Brokers Ltd are able to provide a full range of insurance and risk services and we ask that you contact them for more information. Flexibility on higher limits and additional covers are available.

Should you require further details please feel free to contact Elaine Blakeston at Jelf Insurance Brokers Ltd -, 01482 388513.

(The National Association of Choirs can only refer your name and contact details to Jelf Insurance Brokers Ltd, and we are not able to provide any advice on any general insurance products)

National Association of Choirs