Thinking of having a Facebook page for your choir? - Thu 7 Jul 2011

Periodically Voluntary Arts ( issue Briefings covering advice and guidance on best practice, procedures, and current legislation, for voluntary arts groups and umbrella bodies.

One of their latest Briefings (released on 28th June 2011) covers setting up and using a Facebook page for your choir. You may know that the NAC has had a Facebook page for over a year, and it is well used to promote our meetings and general things of interest to our member choirs. We encourage our members to think seriously about using the Internet to its fullest advantage, and this includes the whole gamut of social networking.

The Briefing can be found on the Voluntary Arts Website at - it is no. 143 in their list.

It will also be useful to scroll down the list of Briefings to see what else might be of interest to you. The latest (145) covers a meeting to discuss the future or otherwise of cheques - the NAC was represented at that meeting as our National Treasurer, Paul Gailiunas, attended it.

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