COVID-19 - guidance statement from the Government - Fri 10 Jul 2020

The Government’s guidance paper “Working Safely during Coronavirus” was updated yesterday (9 July) to include a section wholly devoted to the Performing Arts. The original paper was issued on 11 May and has been amended and updated several times since, but I have checked all the amendments and this is the first time that the Performing Arts have been mentioned.

At this time, the salient points for choirs are contained within Section 4, more specifically Section 4.2. Unfortunately we are not yet being given the go-ahead to restart rehearsals and concerts in the manner which we would like, but there are chinks of light as to what we might be able to do.

Mention is made in the paper about further scientific research being undertaken to understand how the virus is spread through aerosols emitted during singing. I can confirm that talks and workshops are taking place, and the choral organisations comprising Singing Network Uk (of which NAC is a member) are fully involved in those talks.

I will post further information as soon as it comes to me. In the meantime, please keep singing where and how you can - Zoom may be frustrating but at least it keeps choir members in contact with each other, and keeps the vocal chords from going rusty!

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