Risers for sale - Wed 4 Apr 2018

Tamworth Ladies Choir have a set of risers which they no longer use and would be willing to sell:

Due to a reduction in the numbers in the Choir Tamworth Ladies Choir are offering for sale their high quality three tier risers. The risers will hold up to forty people
The framework is of strong anodised steel tubing with carpet covered plywood decking and can be erected as a straight or concave layout.
It is in small easily carried sections and elements which fit together easily to give a very solid platform.
The whole assembly can be undertaken by two people in about thirty minutes.
The whole is in very good order and comes with a galvanised steel trailer in which the risers are currently stored.
The Choir are seeking in the region of £900 for risers and trailer, the trailer is probably worth half of that on its own.
Anyone interested should contact Judith Bowen of Tamworth Ladies’ Choir on 01827 280167.

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