Email addresses that bounce - Wed 20 Sep 2017

Having sent out, to all choirs which have given us email addresses, the invitations to the Member Open Forum on Saturday 23 September, imagine my annoyance when no fewer than 83 emails bounced back as undeliverable.

I realise that I am probably preaching to the converted, in that most of the choir reps who look at this News Blog have been good and updated their contact details as necessary. PLEASE if you do read this heartfelt plea, can you take a moment to look at your choir's details on this website and make sure that the contact details are correct. If you are not sure which group your choir is in, look at the alphabetical list and it will tell you where to find the choir.

The Membership Officer and I would be most grateful for some urgent action - there are 83 choirs who are out there somewhere but not getting the information which is their due! And we would like to see them at the meeting on Saturday...

Many thanks.

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National Association of Choirs