Where have all the men gone? - Fri 28 Mar 2014

It seems to us that Mixed and Male Voice Choirs are having increasing difficulty in recruiting new male singers, particularly any younger gentlemen. This may be because they have other things to do with their spare time! But singing, particularly choral singing, and particularly now, given the rise of Gareth Malone, is becoming ever more "cool".

Does your choir need help and advice in recruiting? Have you had a dispassionate look at your repertoire lately - if you are still singing the pieces you were doing ten years ago then you need a radical re-think! Are you talking to your local schools to see if you can create a partnership and encourage young people to try you out? Do you hold open rehearsals and invite singers to come and see what you are doing? Is your choir website up to date and "buzzy"?

The NAC officers have a great deal of experience in dealing with such problems, and are always here to offer advice. Do get in touch; we would always rather you screamed for help than we hear that your choir has folded for lack of new members.

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