Hidden Gems Singing Workshop - Thu 9 to Sun 12 May 2024

Venue: Brussels

We are UK-based international composers Jeremy Avis (www.jeremyavis.co.uk/) and Rebecca Askew (www.rebeccaaskew.co.uk/) and we will be running an English-speaking community singing event in Brussels from 9-12 May 2024. Our singing adventure in Brussels will involve a 'singing walk' through the city on the final day, Sunday 12 May 2024.
We call our weekends ‘Hidden Gems’ and we’ve been running them since 2019 (www.goal-mouth.org/hidden-gems). Amateur singers join our singing events which take place in different European cities over several days. We teach a tasty collection of songs inspired by the places we visit, enhancing each participant’s experience and revealing to them whole new ways of seeing places they may already know well.
A unique guided tour of Brussels for our singers as part of our May 2024 event will be provided by Derek Blyth, the renowned British author of ‘500 Hidden Secrets of Brussels’ who has lived in Belgium for over two decades. We met Derek in Brussels in February 2023 and we discovered that we have a shared passion for finding hidden gems and secret corners in the cities where we work … he writes books about them and we sing in them!
See the flyer for more details or use the email.
There is an early bird discount price if people sign up before 31 January 2024.




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