Rubber emails... - Sun 1 Feb 2015

The Officers were very pleased to have so many apologies for non-attendance at yesterday's Member Open Forum meeting - not because we didn't want to see you, but because that meant that choir correspondents are receiving the notifications and responding to them.

Sadly I had over 40 emails which bounced back to me. Twelve of these have been bouncing since I took over as General Secretary in April 2013 - I have tried every way to get the relevant choirs to update their details but with no result. The other undeliverable emails need some work to try and identify the causes of the problem and to put them right.

The reason for this blog is to ask choirs to look at their contact details on the website and to ensure that we have the right email address for the right person. We are rapidly approaching AGM time, and I have to say that it is a nightmare to try and ensure, by all means available to me, that the AGM calling notices and all the legal documents get to our member choirs at the right time. Yes, I can resort to snail mail if all else fails, but that costs the Association money for postage - and stamps, you will know from posting Christmas cards, are getting more expensive almost by the day!

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