INSURANCE UPDATE 2011 - Mon 24 Oct 2011


The National Association of Choirs three year agreement with our insurers comes to an end this December but we am pleased to inform the membership that a further three year agreement has been agreed with The Insurance Partnership with little change to the terms and conditions.

The past three years agreement has run very smoothly with a low level of claims being made which has made it possible to maintain the same level of premium throughout the three years.

For the next three years there will be a modest increase in cost to keep in line with inflation.

Renewals for January 2012 will be sent direct to choirs by The Insurance Partnership and not included with the membership renewal that is sent out by Brenda Wilkinson. Choirs that have given an e-mail address will be sent their renewal by e-mail. This is a change from the previous procedure but will still take place on or around 4 November 2011 . To guarantee continuity of cover choirs need to renew their insurance no later than Wednesday 14 December so that it can be processed before Christmas. This is due to the usual ‘shut down’ between Christmas and New Year.

I must stress that the only authorised insurer for the National Association of Choirs is The Insurance Partnership of Kingston upon Hull and the association cannot become involved in any dealings that a member choir enters into with another insurer.

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