French-Canadian Choir looking for host choirs - Sat 27 Jun 2015

You may be interested in this plea from a choir in Quebec, Canada:

"I write to you from Quebec city, in the province of Quebec, Canada. Please excuse my english. Quebec is a french speaking province.

My choir, the Chœur de la Cité (, loves to travel and meet local choirs to share the fun of singing. Last year, we have been invited to Normandy landings commemorations. We also made a trip in southern France and Italy.

We would love to travel in UK in 2016 or 2017. That is the reason of my email. We are looking for choirs who would like to host us and sing with us for one or two concerts. The best would be that french speaking people would be part of the choir, or at least that some members speak french. Most of our members do not speak french."

If you would like to make contact, please email Nathalie Bacon (

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