New NAC Group! - Wed 18 Feb 2015

When you next look at the list of member choirs and their Groups on the website, you may notice that the drop-down list under Choirs has changed its appearance. This is because we now have a new Group, up and running, with their own Committee, and lots of ideas for making things happen!

The new Group has been formed by the amalgamation of the old Yorkshire North and Yorkshire East Groups, and is now called Yorkshire North and East Group. Not very imaginative? We went all round the houses trying to think of something better, but eventually decided that it was best just to stick to a title which said exactly who the Group was and where it came from.

So now if you want to get into contact with choirs in that area - and we hope you do! - you know where to start looking...

We wish every success and a long and happy choral life to Yorkshire North and East NAC Group!

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